Album art for The Blues Had a Baby by Katie Kessler

Album art for The Blues Had a Baby by Katie Kressler

We had the opportunity to attend a pre-press listening party for the album “The Blues Had A Baby – Louisville’s Tribute to Muddy Waters” this past Tuesday night at Siedenfaden’s Tavern in Louisville.  Da Mudcats were honored to cut a track on the project, which contains 11 Muddy Waters tunes by 11 different bands ranging from Blues to Rock and all points in between.   Every band was represented, and damn, what a roomfull of talent!

It was great to get a first listen while we were surrounded by old friends and new ones. . . all there for the same reason we were.  It was like Christmas morning up in that place as we waited for the needle to drop.  (Yeah, it’ll be available on vinyl!)  As everybody laughed, talked, and imbibed, you could feel the energy; some of it anxious, some nervous, some excited, but all of it good.

After some brief words by producers Mike Suttles and John Hawkins, they kicked it off.  Side A, Track 1.  Lamont Gillispie’s 100 Proof Blues started grinding into “Forty Days and Forty Nights” and every face in that place lit up.  Kevin Ratterman at La La Land did a remarkable job bringing out each band’s signature sound.  When each song finished, the room would explode in applause and hootin’ and hollerin’.  Lots of hugging, handshaking, and backslapping going on.  And when one of the players would hit a particularly sweet lick on an instrument or vocal, you’d hear the others in the room take notice and give a shout.  These weren’t average listeners.  These were our fellow musicians…really, really GOOD musicians.  Diggin’ on each other’s music and enjoying.  The mutual respect, sincerity, and admiration between all these players was priceless.  Damn, what an honor.

Album track list for TBHAB

Album track list for TBHAB

If you love Muddy, you must have this album.

If you love Blues, you must have this album.

If you love music in any way, shape, or form, you must have this album.  You’re welcome.

The release party is slated for October 3, 2015 at Headliner’s on Lexington Rd.  If you’ve got plans that night, cancel ’em now.  This will be a doozy of a show, people.  You’ll be kicking yourself if you miss it.