Da Mudcats had a blast in the studio last Friday!


Doug, Mike and Rob gearin’ up.


Rob checks dem levels





Gene layin’ it down


Gene and Mike; baddest rhythm section around


Sue hangin’ with producer Mike Suttles

We had the honor of cutting a track on a Blues and Rock ‘n Roll nod to the legendary Muddy Waters. This project, the brain child of Mike Suttles and John Hawkins, is titled “The Blues Had a Baby, Louisville’s Tribute to Muddy Waters” and the projected release date is late summer, 2015.

La La Land Studio in Louisville is an awesome place, and engineer Kevin Ratterman is “the man behind the curtain.”

Awesome equipment, cool vibe, and nothing but professional folks there. Big thanks to all involved for allowing Da Mudcats to contribute!


Lending a shout on background vox, one of the finest guitarists around. . . but have you ever wondered why he’s known as “Screamin'” John?